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What is Hydroskin? Why have I taken such an unflattering photograph of my friend Alison? WELL…..this is the before shot. We are engaged in an exercise to see what Alison’s skin will look like after she has used the Hydroskin products for 3 months.

You all know I love a product that works….how could I possibly work on my Frida Monobrow without my favourite product – for now – Neu Brow?? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/neubrow-by-skin-research-laboratories-brow-enhancing-serum/3297523

Last week while photographing the delightful shop, Small Spaces, a striking man strode in and inspected Sarah ( who owns the shop and has amazing skin )- skin. Hmmm I thought a dermatologist who does house calls, pretty cool.

The man’s name is Parish Stapleton and this product Hydroskin is his. We met for a coffee and Parish very kindly gave me enough product for myself and a friend to try.

This is the before shot of Alison….I will be taking updated shots during the three months and at the end publishing the results.

In the meantime I will introduce you to Parish and his products, how and why he got into skincare, its a fascinating story.

I will be trying the product along side Alison…with an added bonus of the brand new Ultimate Vitamin C Serum with Kakadu Plum. Because I’m so much older than her!!!

We will also both write reviews about the results.

In the meantime check out Hydroskin website …. go to “results” and then click on the corner of the shots to see the images full screen.



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  1. Thanks so much for your post Lorrie!
    We’re very excited to be on this HydroSkin journey with you and Alison and look forward to your experience and feedback!
    If anyone is looking for further information, or has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can get in touch through our Facebook or Instagram (@hydroskincare), or email me at alice@hydroskincare.com.au.

  2. You beauty, I love a before and after and some real testing but Alison, can I just say your bloody before shot is already a cracker! Beautiful.

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