Be a tourist at home – weekend in Patonga

The tranquil sea-side village of Patonga, a 96 minute drive from Sydney, was sometimes written on early maps as "Betonga", meaning "oyster" in Aboriginal. It is the most southerly beach on the Central Coast. Situated on the edge of recessed Brisk Bay, the waters are calm, pleasant, relatively quiet and good for swimming. Patonga features a public wharf, boat ramp and now the rather flash The Boathouse Hotel...which has replaced the general store and fish and chip shop.

When Anon's children were very young we rented a house in Patonga as a weekend retreat. The house was grotesque, lime green shag pile carpet, but for us and the children heaven. The house was located on the estuary side of the small village, Tom's rubber Duckie was never out of the water.

Last weekend we stayed with friends at Pearl Beach so went for a walk around Patonga to take in the developments. To be honest not too much has changed, some of the fabulous old fibre shacks have been bulldozed for flash holiday houses but the tranquility is still evident. A good meal and decent glass of wine can be had at The Boathouse Hotel..... You can check out the art of Jocelyn Maughan in her gallery opposite.

A lovely place for a weekend.


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  1. Hamish went back to Patonga a few weeks ago and swears that he saw “our” house. Will email you his pic to see if he was right. All I remember clearly is the 1996 election party and the tears!

  2. How wonderful it was to take down memory lane. So many wonderful memories of Pearl Beach and Patonga in the 80s and 90s. Hasn’t changed much at all – thank heavens – so it is still unique.

    Quite a few houses are available for rent – Agent or AirBNB or similar. 1.5 – 2 hours drive from Sydney, or ferry over from Palm Beach, or catch a train to Woy Woy and bus or taxi through to Patonga. So easy to get to and fro.

    Give it a go – and have a great time.

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