Be a Tourist at home visit Cabramatta

Please be a tourist at home and visit Cabramatta or go to Vietnam in your very own country. On this adventure Tina izzyhaveyoueaten recruited members of her family The Roberts, her cousin Diana and her two beautiful daughters Talitha and Anjali who in turn invited Phyu - Chinh with all their insider knowledge. It was so much fun I'd love them to come on every adventure.

A generation ago, people arriving by train in Cabramatta, would exit the station only to find themselves in a bustling open-air heroin market where gangs had gunfights over turf. I know, it was one of the two assignments that sent me to Cabramatta. The other, to cover the Young Labor conference. No less dangerous!

Today we are all about food, fabrics, fashion and if you are in need, beauty procedures. Cabramatta has morphed into a delightful busy and colourful burb. For the in-depth food story go over to Tina on izzyhaveyoueaten.

We head down John Street, the main drag ... in search of coffee, the wonderful Vietnamese coffee so so sweet and moreish. In one of the many and must visit allies we found Café Xua or Old Cafe. It sells only coffee and tea, no food and the clientele seems to be all male, the women are off doing the work in the restaurants and shops.
It's a great spot for people watching. The women of Cabramatta are calling me for Street Style shoot!

To find the heart of Cabramatta you are going to have to dive right in ... head down all of the allies off John Street, you will be rewarded with the vibrant heart of Cabramatta. The fabric stores tend to be on the outskirts but the best food is found here ... in the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Best Pork rolls, however, are on John Street at Viet Hoah.

Time for lunch and team Roberts + Phyu Phyu vote for Pho at Dong Xanh . It is packed with locals. We tried the Duck and a salty prawn Pho with tomato rice and beef. Delicious! This, like most businesses in Cabramatta, is cash only. This could also be the BEST Christmas shopping destination. New bottom anyone?

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