Be a tourist at home – Trentham – Victoria

Trentham in Victoria is the perfect be a tourist at home destination, also, I would suggest a great place if you are thinking a tree change. A green and very sophisticated little town.

There’s a faint warbling in the trees, parrots swoop past and ducks waddle across the street. Tucked between Daylesford and Woodend, Trentham may be a toy-town size and a tad off-grid, but it still packs a punch.

It sprang up after gold was discovered in the district in the 1850s. The timber industry and later potato growing have buoyed the town since then, but while there are pick-up trucks and beanies about, these days you’re just as likely to find an artist or a writer at the pub as a farmer.


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  1. What a joy Trentham was. Beautiful little town, wonderful and tasteful restorations, really interesting range of artisan shops all owned and run and staffed with friendly and easy going people …… and a very stylish pub to have a quiet drink while Lorrie doing her thing …..

    Totally recommend visiting – and make a weekend of it and visit nearby Daylesford and Woodend, Mt Macedon and the local area.

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