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Be a Tourist at home in Strathfield, Korean has been big in Strathfield for years, and is known as Little Korea. Maybe you just want to pretend you're an extra in that fabulous Korean film " Parasite... or need to re stock your red Ginseng supplies.

But we went for the food, and it was sensational - This is where you’ll find food like grandma would make it. A Korean grandma. In Korea. Which makes it so much better. For your in-depth food information, as always, head to izzyhaveyoueaten - On this latest adventure we were joined by Tina's dear friend Lyn Streader - check out Lyn's fabulous shop blackcocktootextiles.

Strathfield is only 12 kms down the Parramatta Road from the CBD, but even better it is on the train line, if going for dinner this would be your best option. I found a small council all day car park on Partel Street off The Boulevard, that was perfect for our longish lunch.

An early start for lunch at the the wonderful dumpling restaurant Mandoo, 12 A The Boulevarde. This is also a favourite of my friends Alison and Stephen Gibson. This small but delightful place should be a must on your list. We sat mezmerized by the woman making the dumplings, she makes 240 an hour, and charmed by our waiter G.

Strathfield has a village feel, and most of the best places to eat are within and easy stroll on the Boulevard. Our second stop was Ymone Haejanggook. 30 The Boulevarde. This was so popular people peered through the door willing people to finish up so they could move in.

We headed to The Lab bakery for coffee and cake, this is also on the Boulevard, next to the station. Extremely popular. Tina introduced us to a desert of shaved ice cream that will be a little too hard to forget. Do leave some room for this place the sweets and cakes are unique. Do not leave Strathfield without stopping in to the supermarket, A Tae Supermarket for some fresh kimchi, noodles and a satchel of Micro Collagen with Pomegranate juice ... consumed not slathered ...for a youthful glow and that red ginseng if you want to live forever.

To add a little more to your Korean experience, do read "If I had your face" by Frances Cha, I just finished it! It's a mesmerising glimpse into the world of contemporary Seoul, where plastic surgery is as routine as getting a haircut.

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