Be a Tourist at Home – Potts Point – Part 2

Anyone looking for a location ... called book shop...go no further than The Cross - Art + Books this place is a destination in itself. Wonderful Wonderful, thank you Rae-Anne X

Exhausted by the browsing we wondered up the hill to have a peek into Gourmet Life - Deli, the place for your luxury eats and ingredients.

We then walked 30 steps and stop for a refreshment at the, very sweet hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern Deli called Tetås, there we huddled into the sun filled window corner over a pot of traditional Turkish coffee while Tina introduces us to the " pliage" ( go to Izzyhaveyoueatenyoueaten for the low down ).

Part 2 ... I think we may need parts 32 for the full Potts Point story....

Did we need more food NO!!!! However Rae-anne convinced me  with "why come all this way and miss out on Penny's Cheese shop infamous Cheese Toasie"? ... secret ingredient bush smoked salt. We just window- shopped at Croissant d'Or ...honestly...HOWEVER I'm going to have come back for the Meringne swans.

Adventures in Potts Point to be continued ...

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  1. Lorrie, these images bring Potts Point to life and make it all look so romantic. You are a master photographer!

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