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Milton is a charming little town in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, within the City of Shoalhaven. It was founded in 1860, named after the property of post master George Knight and became an important regional centre during the 19th Century. Today, Milton remains one of the two main commercial centres of the Milton-Ulladulla district.

It is a popular stopping place for travellers on the Princes Highway which runs through the centre of town. In recent years, Milton has undergone a resurgence largely influenced an influx of residents to the district seeking a seachange. New boutique stores, cafes and bed and breakfast type businesses have located in the town.

We did stop on our way to Lilli Pilli. Dropped into the local famers market ( Saturdays at the Showgrounds ) and bought up the last of the pickled cauliflower and Anon tested the berry ice cream. This little town deserves more than a pit stop however. Drop into Cashmere Essentials and talk to Ros Vidgen, who also runs a small antique store on weekends then head up the road and meet Katrina Willoughby who works in a vintage store called Ruby in the Dust ( where I found a stunning pair of earrings ) but also has an exhibition of Pet Portraits on at Coast Cafe.

The cafes are very good, with Campos Coffee and the best salad sandwich I’ve had since I six. I’d suggest Milton as a destination in itself not just the pit stop.

Mollymook beach is just a turn off and small drive away.


If you would like a a Pet Portrait get in touch with Katrina on


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  1. Many moons ago, I used to regularly stop in at Milton on my way to visit my parents who had retired to a farm in Narooma. I probably wouldn’t recognise it now. It was just a sleepy little town back then. Is the Milton Theatre in your photo still operational as a theatre? Or has it been transformed into something else?

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  2. If you are actually considering moving to somewhere on the South Coast, I understand from a friend who lives on top of a very big hill in a beautiful house made of recycled materials that there is lots of life in Milton, including singing and writing groups. It’s definitely a place to stop if you are driving South from Sydney.

  3. Really liked Milton. Good restorations, not totally over the top ‘chocolate box’ like other small country towns. Especially liked the small produce market on Saturday mornings. Terrific produce, if limited in range.

    Would definitely suggest a stop off in Milton if n the road south ….

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