Be a tourist at home : Location, Lakemba

This year the blog will be a tourist at home. So last week, Kerri Ainsworth of Art Travel Adventures and I - as Kerri describes it.... were flaneurs ( a man or woman who saunters around observing society ) in Lakemba.

Lakemba is a half hour drive down new Canterbury Road from Newtown but one is transported a world away. The faith is Muslim the country of origin of the residents includes Africa, Lebanon, Bali Cocos Islands, Myanmar and Pakistan and others...

We dropped in and had lunch at Island Dream Cafe where you're going to want to order a bag of rainbow fish crackers as soon as you sit down, and then another with each course and a few to take home too. This family-run restaurant makes the colourful crackers from scratch with mackerel and tapioca. The rest of the menu is great too - be sure to grab a few plates of buttery roti and order from the bain marie filled with Island delicacies to your heart's content.

47-49 Haldon St, Lakemba, 02 9740 9909

The wander up the road to get a hot fresh circle of Arabic bread from the Afghan and Arab Bakery for $1.
122 Haldon St.

Don't leave Lakemba without stocking up on your fresh nuts and a bit of bling.

Jasmins, one of Sydney's most beloved Lebanese restaurants and is now firmly at the top of our to do list...
30 b Haldron Street

If you have any suggestions let me know...little hidden treasures ????

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  1. Great idea for 2019! One of my favourite reads when starting out in the placemaking profession is The Flaneur by Edmund White.

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  2. With my business ART Travel Adventures, I’m on the go, travelling all the time. It’s wonderfully refreshing, to actually stay put for awhile and explore your own city. Inspired by my friend Hamish Robertson who is the quintessential flaneur, I suggested Lorrie and I do the same and investigate some of the hidden secrets of Sydney. If Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón can unravel the mysteries of Barcelona with such aplomb, then we can do it here in Sydney.

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