Go back to – Katoomba – Blue Mountains

Just like Braidwood the Blue Mountains and Hawksberry area need you to go back and visit.

We visited Katoomba to catch up with Anon’s brother who lives there but I thought it would be a great Be a Tourist at Home Post.  It’s not an area I have ever spent much in. Sunday drives when a child come to mind…but then it was very fashionable to be unimpressed.

I got the lads up very early to catch the light on the Three Sisters and avoid the crush. It was my favorite part of the trip…apart from the the Blue Mountains Elvis Festival…but more about that later!

You can still buy Paragon chocolates but not in the gorgeous old tea room, that sits empty with a for lease sign in the window.

The Blue Mountains is a world heritage wilderness that begins 60km west of . Spending a day visiting the mountains makes a great addition to a Sydney itinerary if you are an overseas visitor and nothing if you live here.

There are many reasons why you should go but for starters: The area is home to 400 different species of animals, 40 of them rare or threatened The vast wilderness covers over 11,400 km² and standing above it looking down is mind blowing

The mountains are not mountains but rather a valley that was formed over 50 million years ago.

The mountains are the perfect distance from Sydney for a day trip, which will give you a taste of the region but a full weekend is the ideal amount of time to experience the area. Just Go…..


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  1. Rural Fire Service declares Southern Highlands SAFE to visit – Media Release today 18 January. Great to see City folk supporting regional areas. The Southern Highlands is another place close to Sydney for day or weekend trips; with encouragement to support retail, accommodation, art and culture, food and beverage businesses.

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  2. This was a great visit, including an hilarious night of Elvis impersonators !!! Can totally recommend a weekend in Katoomba as both a great time and a help to the fire effected community.

  3. Hi Lorrie .. lovely pics .. !!
    I too ,hadn’t really been connected there other than a school excursion circa 1967 ,and I was much more into watching the funny antics of the boys in my class and who I would sit next to on the bus …however , youngest Hutch daughter is marrying a fella whose parents now live in Wentworth Falls . They have been looking all around the area and decided to be married there in the mountains near Blackheath on the edge of an astounding escarpment near Pulpit Rock sling Hat Hill Road .. … truly amazing scenery . It will be in April next year , so gorgeous autumn colours ..love to you and Anon . XX

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