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This is a Repost...and a reminder to support these fabulous local areas that were so madly affected by the Sydney Lockdown.

The name "Little India" may still be a tiny bit contentious with some of the locals of Harris Park, but there is no denying that if you are looking for some pretty incredible Indian food "Little India/Harris Park is where you need to go.

For this Be a Tourist at home I could not have been in better company, Tina ... by now you know the food story is over on izzyhaveyoueaten and what a story. On the trip to Little India/Harris Park Chrissie Jeffery and Tina's cousin Diana Roberts ( you met Diana on the Be a tourist at Home Cabramatta story) joined us. All three women know their food, and what they don't know about Indian food I can't imagine. I just tagged along and consumed... and consumed what was put in front of me. How lucky am I?

Do not leave Little India without checking out the supermarkets, I found some Sandlewood soap - I used to have to mortgage the house to buy at Remo General store - for $2.50 and Chrissie and Tina were last seen dragging 5kg bags of rice up the street.

The Atmosphere is better at night, the food is fabulous whatever time you want to visit. If going at night catch a train!

We got straight down to business at Chatkazz .... Three Masala teas and then Samosa Chaat Samosa topped with chickpeas curry, served with chilled sweet yoghurt and various chutneys...I honestly could have eaten these all day! Sabudana Vada, Pavings Bhaj, Mixed Veg Pikora. I think I went into a bit of a food coma about here, but the day had only just begun.

We dropped off at Durga Sweet shop for some refreshing drinks, having tasted Chrissie's saffron and Tina's Rose the Pistachio was only that tiny bit less delicious. Tina forced us to try a fudge like sweet so that we had enough energy to walk up the street to find the Narayan's Veg Paradise Food Truck. This is a must visit. Do order their ginger masala, and everything else you see!

Chrissie found a wonderful Sari shop in Kendall Street that specialises in weddings, the saris start at $350 and go up to $2,500 there are head turning jewels and a charming woman to talk you through the various fabrics. In the meantime Tina and Diana had gone on ahead to A2B and ordered a Dosa so light it nearly floated away. The chatter was that the filling was a little mean, but we managed to finish it and move up the road to Hyderabad House looking for Biryani.

Thank you Tina, Chrissie and Diana this was an adventure to remember and my food education adds another chapter.

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    Its been a while,
    but Harris Park is def a great spot to soak up Indian culture and fabulous food!

  2. Yet another wonderful post of areas of Sydney that I am so embarrassed to be unfamiliar. Looks fantastic ….. lets jump a train one night and do the rounds …..

    A suggestion ?

    Perhaps put a composite post together with details and links of what is now a wide range of posts for destinations and food types.

  3. Ah Lorrie! Your photos bring it all to life! Especially love the portraits of the people we met/ passed by!

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