Be a Tourist at Home – Little Italy – Five Dock

Be a tourist at home - Five Dock - Little Italy will be another tour for the taste buds. We were a convoy ... tour leader Jenny Brockie, food explorer Tina Brand - Izzyhaveyoueaten.com and hungry photographer. We drove through Liechardt hovered briefly in Haberfield but Jenny landed us in the real Italy ... Five Dock.

This could almost be the tale of two couples Peter and Rosaria Raineri of Raineri's Continental Delicatessen are an institution. I'd like to see anyone walk in there and walk out empty handed. Taste testing is all part of the delight and play, generous piles of cheese and prosciutto - really enough for lunch ... you must go hungry people!

Five Dock's main street Great Northern Road is lined by cafes and a small mix of Asian and Italian eateries. It has five butchers, Jenny Brockie recommended Caminti Butchery and their sausages are sensational. When I mentioned to the butcher that five butchers in one high street was pretty amazing he said, oh there used to be seven, its good, we all look after our own people.

Hmmm Newtown's last butcher was turned into a bar three years ago.

Like the nearby suburbs of Haberfield and Leichhardt, Five Dock has a large population of Italian immigrants. Five Dock Public School has had an Italian language teaching program since 1981 and there are local private language schools offering Italian classes. In addition, Five Dock has an annual street festival called Ferragosto, based on the traditional Italian festival of the same name.

The festival should have been this coming weekend, Covid interuptus means we'll have to wait till 2021.

The second couple in this food tale of Five Dock are newlyweds Mario and Simoné Izzo who have just taken over Tamborrino Pasticceria. You must go to izzyhaveyoueaten.com to find out more about the food. But local Italians will tell you this is the best, and if queues are any indicator you'll be waiting a while.

Tina suggested we share a Aragosta or lobster tail, a brittle pastry filled with Chantilly cream. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!

I took an array of Mignons home - tiny pasties - for Slim to try - so unkind.

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  1. Hi Lorrie!
    How much fun did we have exploring together! Its so nice to share these experiences with friends on our blogs too! Your photos are amazing. I was trying to capture the kindness and hospitality that exudes from this community. Your photos certainly convey that, and thank you so much for sharing!

    Tina xx

    1. Post

      Hi Tina,
      Doing these posts exploring fabulous food destinations is so much more fun doing them together and the bonus is I’m learning so much from you, thank you. Mind you I’ll have to join Slim on his long walks if go back Five Dock. xx

  2. Grew up In Leichhardt at a time when that was referred to as Little Italy. Have experienced the delights of FiveDock and would highly recommend a day out exploring. Many of the homes in the side streets have been restored to their former glory which is wonderful.

  3. I love these Be a Tourist at home series of posts. Wonderful to discover such great destinations literally on your doorstep.

    I reckon a plan would be a walk to Fivedock followed by a browse and some shopping – sausages essential perhaps not the cakes – then a saunter to Abbotsford to the end of Great North Road and have a lunch or a drink or two on the balcony at Sydney Rowing Club.

    A great day out.

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