Be a Tourist at home … come to Burwood

Burwood has some of the best schools in Sydney, which might be a clue to the large Chinese Australian community. Burwood is 10kms down the Parramatta road - turn left at Shaftsbury Street - from Sydney's CBD. It is on the train line and you can get there by bus. The canyons of high density apartments are interspersed with large Victorian and Federation houses. The memorial in Burwood Park states " Thanks be unto god who gave us Victory", this overshadows The Picnic cafe where you can get the best Nutella Donut... ever. Angus and Malcolm Young of the band ACDC grew up here.

The vibe is laid-back Hong Kong.

Parking is plentiful, there is a large Westfields but don't linger there the streets of Burwood are where you want to be.

In the year of 2017, the transformation into Burwood Chinatown aimed to create a lively hawker market with over 50 specialty shops. By 2018, Burwood Chinatown evolved into an urban pantry and vibrant eat street from day to night, attracting food lovers from all over Sydney. This is on Burwood Road just across the road from Burwood Station.

As always for the detailed and knowledgeable story re food go to Tina on izzyhaveyoueaten.

It takes a tribe of friends and their stomachs to survey a place as big and diverse as the food scene in Burwood. So a mention in despatches ... Susan Hipgrave, Edward Waring and Rae-ann Sinclair thank you for your willing contribution and help.

This was a visit in two ...

First visit Tina and I started at The Picnic in Burwood Park to try the light as air Nutella donut and a very good coffee. We moved onto Yang's Dumplings in Deane Street this is worth a detour. Then back onto Burwood Road to Wok n BBQ Chinese Restaurant, the food is great but don't expect a charm offensive from the staff. Over the road in Market town you will find hole in the wall stalls selling everything from Baked Sweet Potato to Raddish Cakes.

There is also a very good Vinnies, I found a very large glass vase ... big enough for tree branches.

On our second visit we started with coffee at Rusty Rabbit and toured the supermarket off Belmore Street. We were disappointed that Dulcet Cakes didn't open until 11am. For lunch we went to 1915 Lanzoh Beef Noodle restaurant, the noodles are hand-made up the back of the restaurant...Thanks must go to Tina's cousins The Roberts, what a font of knowledge. This is a find, the food is great and attracts the Chinese muslim community.

We finished the day at Roji Monster ice Cream parlour Remember the Yip Yips from Sesame Street? Now you can eat them or at least a close approximation of them at the Roji Monster Ice Cream shop in Burwood. This dessert café imported from Taiwan creates shaved ice desserts with candy googly eyes in five flavours.

Tina had the black sesame with chestnuts!

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  1. It was a magic day. Great Vinnies shopping and incredible food. Your photos and words tell the story so well

  2. Oh Lorrie, what a talent! I just love all your photographs! They have really captured what we saw and did in Burwood. A memorable visit in many ways.
    Always the true professional, we were going to get our story, one way or another, weren’t we!

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