Braidwood needs your help now, take a day trip!

Small regional towns like Braidwood are being badly hurt by the bushfires you can help by just taking a day trip or a weekend away..support the local businesses and artists.

There are many reasons to be a tourist at home and visit Braidwood. Personally, I do love the sense of humour evident in Braidwood. Just three hours from Sydney, you turn left at Goulburn on the road to Canberra.

Braidwood is a small country town that has become one of the fastest-growing inland towns, maybe its the skyrocketing city-living costs but the place seems to attract young and old entrepreneurs and creative types. I personally know a large gang of ratbags who have small holdings or rent houses in town.

The weather can be extreme, freezing in the winter and very hot in the summer, however, you can join the Braidwood locals and their inflatable swans, unicorns and tinnies ( beer not small boats ) on the local river to cool down.


Some of the places you are going to want to visit while staying in Braidwood....

Saloon Design House ( Dena Pharaoh pictured


Mr. Mr. Store


Provisons Deli and Grocery


Casanovas Cafe


Dojo Bread


Charleys Forest Silver are having a POP UP at Saloon on 13th Dec at 4.30pm


Artist Mary Taguchi ...

Together with a long academic involvement in Japanese language teaching methodology, Mary Taguchi has simultaneously had much involvement in the history and function of Japanese indigo-dyed cotton textiles.


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  1. I know that solo man in Casanova’s drinking a short black. He built a beautiful house for us.

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