Be a Tourist at home go to Auburn

A repost....So close but now in lockdown...so far away...when you can, when it is safe for you and the wonderful people of Auburn, go back!

Be a tourist at home and visit Auburn ... but beware of the carbs! Tina from izzyhaveyoueaten and I headed 19kms west of the CBD to Auburn so we could eat our way through the Middle East, we barely touched the sides.

We were here for the food and izzyhaveyoueaten will have a lot more about that ... however Auburn has so much too offer. For the men a visit to Maradona Barbers and their cut throat razor, if you are looking for a onesie for the baby with the image of K Ataterk on the front ... Auburn is the place for you. Gold jewellery go no further. There are Hammams but that will need its own post.

Back to the food ... head to the top of Auburn Road and get some bread from Kabul International Restaurant and Bakery, the bread is big enough to wear. Also on Auburn Rd
Menzil Bakery try the simit - baked fresh daily and collect your turkish biscuits. We headed down the road for a lunch at New Star Kebabs, just look for the smoke, we shared a mixed kebab plate, the meat was excellent but we were a little underwhelmed, it is a very popular place however. I had bought some Hummus at Jasmin restaurant on a previous visit and think this might have been a better option ... the choices are endless.

Moving on we then tried the saffron ice-cream at Auburn Fresh Fruit Juice centre a few doors down from New Star..delicious..then ducked around the corner to buy some moon cakes ... to go ...at one of the chinese supermarkets.

Now, if we hadn't already consumed our yearly quota of carbs ... we stopped for a coffee at the recently opened Gaziantep in Station Road and worked our way through their sweets! Lovely coffee, delightful people and the rosewater ice-cream ... well!

Do not leave Auburn without stopping in at Zam Zam supermarket. If you cook Ottolenghi you will thank me! while you're there pick up some carrot jam!

Other places to visit, Tarim Uyghur in Rawson St try their noodle dishes and sour soup, Khaybar Restaurant for Afghan food, Darband Restaurant in Rawson St for Persian food.

We will have to go back...

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  1. Ah Lorrie! Feels like a lifetime ago…
    But what a lovely tribute to our Afghani brothers and sisters your beautiful images are!

  2. Wow! Love these photos!! Only made it to the Japanese Gardens so far. Looking forward to exploring post Covid.

  3. Gorgeous photos, make me feel like a trip to Auburn might just scratch the itch to travel, and feel like I am in another country. Fabulous.

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