Be a Tourist at Home – Anzac Parade, Kingsford

Anzac Parade, Kingsford is not a pretty destination. However, it would be very foolish, to judge this book by its cover or this High Street by it's dull streetscape. This is an adventure culinary destination and for this you'll need a guide, Tina Brand of Izzyhaveyoueaten was mine, a woman with a brave and bold palette so head over to her website to find out what food to order and where to find it.

The dish above Es Campur ... shaved Ice, palm seeds, green & black jelly, jackfruit, avocado, condensed milk mocha and rose syrup is best left to last followed by some Bubble Tea.

The restaurants here are mostly Asian, that is why you are here. Indonesian with various specialties like pancakes or chicken, Chinese or various regions, Japanese. You can drop into one of the many small supermarkets and buy things you didn't realise you needed.

Go with the spirit of adventure and an empty stomach ...

The area was once known as South Kensington. It was named Kingsford to honour Australian aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897–1935), as was the nearby Sydney Airport. Kingsford was undeveloped until a land boom in the 1920s. In the 1940s, many Greeks settled in the area, particularly migrants from the island of Castellorizo (or Kastellorizo). Many opened businesses in the area; and, in 1973, they built the Castellorizian Club on Anzac Parade.

Kingsford was originally intended to be the terminus of the Eastern Suburbs railway line; but, as a cost-cutting measure, the line was terminated at Bondi Junction in 1979. A new light rail project linking Kingsford to the CBD via Anzac Parade opened in April 2020.

Kingsford is a mainly residential area, situated directly south of the University of New South Wales, which is in Kensington. Many of the residents are students living in medium and high density housing. A large Australian Army depot lies in the east of Kingsford. Kingsford surrounded by Daceyville to the south, Eastlakes to the west, Randwick to the north, and Maroubra to the south,

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  1. I totally agree with anonymous comments. This blog and all its predecessor be a tourist at home are spectacular promotions of local areas and businesses.

    Can you make these really regular featured posts and indeed try to get some support from councils ?

    So when is the Kingsford night out ?

  2. Lorrie, this is so great! You should contact various councils and work with them to promote their areas and local business highlighting unknown or often forgotten treasures in our backyard – particularly when (if) Covid settles down the track and we need to help local more than ever. City of Sydney Council are working with local businesses for example on various stimulation measures and when I read your blog this morning I thought it would be great to expand your series of getting to know your local and being a tourist in your own backyard! I never knew that I wanted to go to Kensington but I do!!!

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