Baxter & Black – Artisan Cobbler – Enmore Road

Baxter and Black, Artisian Cobbler, Enmore Road, Enmore

Nathan Baxter of Baxter & Black the artisan cobbler, who has opened on Enmore Road, will look after your quality shoes….. bring him your Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton he’ll even fix those red bottom beauties Louboutins.

Baxter trained in London at the prestigious shoemaking school Carreducker, studied traditional shoe repairs in Budapest and has been a national training manager for an Australian shoe repair company.

Step into the shop and breath in the infused aroma of top-quality leather, which he imports from tanneries in Germany and the UK.

A proud member of the “slow fashion” trend Baxter suggests buying fewer pairs of shoes of good quality and getting them repaired, it worked for our grandparents and great-grandparents – who in making do with less were far better environmentalists.

If you are looking for something truly fabulous for your Christmas presents, drop in and check out the various polishes and imported shoe laces. A box of your very own top quality shoe cleaning gear and book-in for a shoe polishing class. Oh and there are hats and waistcoats all made in Australia by craftsmen and women.


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  1. Love this post and everything that Nathan represents. Buy less and buy quality and maintain. Not only environmentally sensible but money saving in the long term.

    My mother Betty bought about 10 beautiful cashmere jumpers during a trip to Scotland in 1956. They were all still in perfect shape when she died 40 years later.

    Great work Nathan and Lorrie. A terrific and important post.

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