Batu Belah – East Bali

Sunrise across the pool at Batu Belah, East Bali, in the shadows of Mt Agung

We arrived at Batu Belah, a Resort in East Bali, at 9.30 at night, greeted by a delightful staff, Kadek and Ketut who had stayed behind to cook us dinner and the sounds of crashing waves and the smell of the sea.

This tiny resort, four simple villas, a very comfortable bed with very good bed linen and generous pile of fluffy towels – towels are a particular bench mark of mine, small mean towels would be enough for me never to return –


The resort is run and owned by a lovely couple, Colin an Englishman and his Baliness wife Made, who says: “ no not co-owner just the mother of his children”. We get used to this banter. They have two young daughters, Ni Luh Sumanan who is 12 and Ni Made Metta 9 and ½.

In the morning we take in the true drama and delight of Batu Belah a sunrise over the water facing Lombok, a real Bali coffee in hand for Anon and a pot of green tea for me. We are the only people at the resort, it is a beautiful start to the day.

We are here in February, the best time to dive and snorkel in these waters is June/July and August when the seas are flat. We don’t mind. The food is beautiful simple and very fresh. Local fishermen drop by with their catch in the morning and it’s on your plate for lunch.

Made spoils us with afternoon tea treats of sweet coconut filled crepes and banana fritters.

It’s the best start to this holiday, lounging by or in the pool reading. Anon is delighted with the cold beer in iced glasses, not always the easiest thing to get in Bali.


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  1. Looks lovely and serene……..But how close are the four villas to one another? There is nothing more disconcerting than traveling half way round the world and to sit on “your” terrace to find you are 3 m away from another group on their terrace.

    1. Post

      Hi Davo, …..We were there in Feb, low season, and out of school holidays so had the place to ourselves.This is a small simple place and because of its position ideal for divers. For the luxury of space next week’s blog would be the way to go.

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