Bart JR – One Cool Cat – Redfern

Where else would a couple of cool cats like Tina  izzyhaveyoueaten and I decide to have a relaxed lunch. Bart JR is a very cool little eatery. The vibe is spot on,  no screaming look at me look at me, you could have dropped into your best friend's place in Redfern. My dear the soundscape/track is just so ....

We had cocktails, because we could. It was Friday! Shut up!

If you live in Redfern, you probably know Bart. ( this told to the site ... Broadsheet by the owner's) He’s described by the owners of Bart Jr the “notorious C-A-T”. Local legend says Bart fathered every ginger cat in the area, and this bar and eatery is named for those kittens. I dare you "now" not to see hundreds of ginger cats in Redfern!

To get the low down on the food head over izzyhaveyoueaten. It's a share plate sort of place with reasonably priced wine by the glass. THEY DO NOT DO COFFEE... Lovely people, great food! GO

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  1. Oh my goodness Lorrie- images are magic!
    I forgot about the soundtrack- yeah, that was the icing on the cake!
    Such a fab lunch, thank you so much!

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