Baird’s Police State

Michael Baird will be remembered as a man who hitched his reputation to 1950’s world view of motorways and failing fossil fuel industries. This week he went one step further and will now be linked and compared forever with the Joh Bjelke-Petersen regime.

Baird’s Anti Protest laws mean that the knitting nannas will now face fines of $5,000 dollars for their peaceful protest, while companies conducting illegal mining activities fines have been reduced from 1.1.million to $5,000.

This was one of many protests, last Saturday the no Amalgamations – councils who face forced mergers – highlighted Baird’s anti democratic push for this state.

Stop WestCONnex Save Newtown stand with everyone of these protests.

These actions by Baird leave us in doubt who he governs this state for. It is not you and me.

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  1. It is absolutely shocking. Thousands more cars up King St, over the Anzac Bridge, down Victoria Road. And then that insane web of flyovers about 100m from my house. Hateful hideous bunch of arseholes.

  2. Great photos Lorrie . I particularly like the one of the riot squad police line up. See you soon.

    1. Post

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