Baird’s Bastardry

Yesterday Sharron Laura of the Haberfield Stop WestCONnex took me on a tour of the destruction that is Mike Baird’s WestCONnex. It is distressing.

We drove to a lot of the suburbs that are being affected by this Tollway to nowhere. It took us six and half hours.

Beautiful big trees gone. Our blue ribbons mean the trees are condemed.

In suburbs like Granville and Concord, where tree canopies are as rare as a caring and truthfull Premier, the broken limbs of trees are pushed into huge piles.

Houses sit under flyovers or are having huge green sound proof walls erected less than a metre away.

We came across a huge pile with “caution asbestos” tape flapping in the wind just sitting beside the road.

I thought I’d just give you a tour of what Politicians call progress and I call mindless destruction. WestCONnex still can’t tell us where the extra thousands of cars will end up when they emerge from their piece of genius closer to the city.

That would be the city they say they don’t want cars going to…

Who is the winner here Mr. Baird? Did I hear Toll Operators!

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If Mike Baird gets away with WestCONnex, our community will never recover.

* St Peters, Alexandria and Newtown will be choked with 4-6 lane highways
* Euston Rd will be filled with 60,000 vehicles every day
* Large chunks of Sydney Park and thousands of trees will be destroyed
* Unfiltered pollution stacks will be built next to our homes, schools and workplaces
* Critical habitat of the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog will be wiped out

Come along and find out how you can help Stop WestCONnex!

Speakers include:

* Lord Mayor Clover Moore, City of Sydney
* Dr Mehreen Faruqi, MP and engineer
* Jonathan Moylan, campaigner and activist
* Lorrie Graham, leading photojournalist and campaigner



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  1. Oh my Lorrie, thank you so much for spending time with Sharon Laura to document this devasting stuff! It’s unbelievable and shocking that #ChainSawMike can get away with it. See you at #DrivingSydneytoDestruction next Sunday and thank you in advance finding one of our wonderful speakers. Janet

  2. I received my NSW government newsletter email today and I sat down and filled out the email the Premier and told him exactly what I thought of his actions. Heedless, thoughtless globalisation is destroying Sydney. Already the worst polluted of the capital cities this Premier for Destruction will make our jewel of a city unlivable!

  3. I drive through Haberfield alot and it is so sad to see the destruction to a beautiful suburb

  4. Roelof When will he stop? Not for a long time yet. He and his feral crew have got their eyes on, and are making plans to outsource and privatise, every possible government service. And, sell every possible government building.. When they cant do the full bit, they will use the John Howard approach, reduce funding and cut staff numbers.
    We need to keep on exposing them, but I think the time has come for direct action as well.

  5. I agree with you Lorrie, such destruction at what cost??? And now he’s sold off the Technology Park at Redfern to Mirvac. When will this guy stop? Or when will people actually take note and not elect him??

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