Ayers hits the West with Poverty Tax

Today we joined our Western Suburbs friends to ask the Minister for WestConnex, Stuart Ayers why he and his government are imposing a poverty tax on his very own constituents.

We, in the inner city, are losing our homes and communities to a project that is a complete sham, health hazard and a huge waste of money. Money that could be used for Public transport. schools, health.

Our friends in the west are looking at tolls that will impose the cost of this behemoth on them from August 2017 @ $2200 per year from Parramatta to Homebush and Increasing to $4200 in 2019 Parramatta to the Haberfield. The Tolls will increase 4% every year there after. When what they are asking for is a decent public transport system.

So why the poverty tax Mr. Ayers and why hand over our public money to make private companies even wealthier?


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  1. Keep up the good work, I don’t know what else you can do but keep on expressing your views. What has you local government officer stated to your demands. The government work for you …… You pay their salary – well that’s what I have always thought they did !! No support = NO VOTES. Good Luck

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  2. Thanks Lorrie for your great photos and blog! Yesterday’s event outside Stuart Ayres office was a huge success, especially with great coverage on Seven News as well as Fox News, but not only that, it forced Gladys and Stuart to make a response.
    When the M4 was paid off years ago, then Premier Barry O’Farrell said there would be no more toll on the M4. Well, so much for that promise!

    We must now all keep up the momentum and continue to roar with purpose and passion about the injustices which are continually being inflicted upon families.

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  3. Great Blog. And great that people from right across Sydney are coming together in solidarity to protest against the enormous social consequences of this Westconnex tollway to nowhere.

    Residents in Western Sydney are already disadvantaged by a shortage of public transport to get to their place of work.

    This gets worse and worse as new areas are opened up (for supposedly affordable housing) without any commitment by Government to provide essential local infrastructure (schools, child care, medical and community facilities) and easily accessible public transport. So residents by definition have to use cars for both work and for general day to day life – getting kids to and from school, shopping, and the like.

    And now our Government hits these residents with enormous tolls that can be as high as 10% of disposable income for many who rely totally on casualised work shifts.

    For many residents, these tolls are nothing less than a disguised Poverty Tax.

    Can’t remember that being on the agenda at the last NSW State nor Federal Elections.

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