Author of Eastern Treasures – Oytun Camcigil

Those fabulous women of Jewels on Queen, Anne and Nell Schofield, held a delightful soiree on Saturday afternoon, the author of Eastern Treasures Oytun Camcigil shared her passion for jewels of the east.

Oytun grew up in Istanbul a city rich in history and culture. She started collecting jewellery in the early 70's, moved to Dubai, that move allowed her to visit fascinating markets in Yemen and Oman. Her book Eastern Treasures, tells the story behind the Jewellery its historical importance. Jewellery in the east is not only decorative it indicates wealth and status its also financial security and also has Amuletic and talismanic powers.

The book is available to buy at Jewels on Queen along with some wonderful examples of the very Jewellery Oytun writes about.

Below some images from the book and an example of the Jewellery on sale at Jewels on Queen.

 Oytun also designs her own jewellery you can find her jewels on her instagram feed.



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  1. Hello

    Firstly I would love to be in contact with Oytun again after Dubai because I left to live in France.
    Secondly would love to buy this book!

    Thank you


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