Australia ….. Who the bloody hell are you?

Australia! Who the bloody hell are you?

You’ll have to give me a minute to regroup, at the moment I’m not sure about the country I call home.

You just voted in people who don’t believe the planet is dying, who want to keep mining coal.

Who seriously do not believe women, gays, indigenous are their equal.

I could go on but you’ll see soon enough. I’m not saying Bill was the saviour but he at least he could have moved us back to the fair minded country Bob Hawke had loved.

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  1. A horrifying but fascinating result. I’m hoping that this is not the moment that will define us as a country but rather what happens now and over the next three years.

  2. I’m furious and I’m over it. I’m sorry I don’t think it’s greed. I think it’s stupidity and complacency. Pathetic Australia. So ridiculous..

    1. 100% agree with your comment and sentiment. It’s plain and simple ……. apathy and complacency!

  3. I firmly believe we (and much of the rest of the world) have been poisoned by a system which, slowly and inevitably over time has mutated, become dark and evil. The wheels of Capitalism grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine. We are under the thrall of a system which survives and fattens by encouraging greed and self interest, and the more greed and self interest, the stronger it becomes. It insists on the lie that economic growth can grow and swell forever. Indeed it MUST because economic growth and strength is all that matters. And the really really evil part of all this is is that this system thrives because it is structured in such a way so as to make us believe that it is somehow right and good that so much power and so much money are in the hands of so few. It’s better only to think of yourself, society, community, as part of an economic system. Capitalism is now, even if a hundred years ago it may not have been, a juggernaut of destruction which grows because it eats itself from the inside and is doing so at the expense of our precious natural world, social justice, decency, fairness, compassion and sense.

  4. There was talk that some 20% would go into the voting booth without knowing who they’d vote for. So all the years of talk of a better society was lost on them – or hidden by not being reported to the majority who get their news through Murdoch. So it came to slogans, not any knowledge of the chaos they could return to Canberra – and did. Next time someone complains about about the gutted ABC or why the Darling isn’t flowing to their farms ask them who they voted for and channel your sympathy accordingly.

  5. Somewhere we have taken a wrong turn on the path. I’m bamboozled that so many have chosen unwisely. Dont they have children ? Aren’t they going to grow old ? Are they delusional in thinking that everything will stay as it is, if we continue to do what we do to the planet ? I can’t believe how myopic we have become.

  6. Like you, I’m stunned. We are living in a democracy ……. sure! But it seems to be populated by a vast number of very ignorant people. Or perhaps they just don’t care. I remember a few years ago, I was staying in Paris with a couple of young gay guys, one of which was a political scientist. He said that it was well known that Australians as a race were apathetic when it came to politics and social justice. The French on the other hand, he said, if they don’t like something, they rally together and protest. Sadly, I’d have to agree.

  7. It’s actually very simple. There are more of them than there are of us. So devastatingly sad, but unfortunately true.

  8. Indeed! The voters who respond to one line slogans, negativity, self interest have doomed us to three more years of more of the awful same, or worse. It hurts to realise (again) that Australians are inherently conservative and, as you say, we need to regroup, and try to keep the faith that we will, eventually, regain the fair, compassionate country that we all crave.

  9. Exactly. Simply cannot fathom how this has happened. We now boast our very own Trump and Brexit moments in history.

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