Aurore – I Got Life – a film by Blandine Lenoir

Aurore a film by Blandine Lenoir

Aurore – I Got Life by director Blandine Lenoir about female Solidarity started at the Dendy Newtown yesterday…. Just a thought for the weekend Sisters!

Agnès Jaoui creates the wonderfully heartfelt character of ‘Aurore’, in a film about female solidarity, hope and love. As an alt rom-com based around the tribulations of menopause, it leaves the audience with warm flushes of happiness.

Aurore is amicably separated from her husband but having previously worked for his company she has lost her job and finds herself without qualifications. Her home is still a refuge for her two twenty-something daughters who have their own complicated love lives. Middle-aged, entering the menopause, and about to be a grandmother she is determined not to fall victim to the pitfalls of gender and age stereotyping. Aurore signs up to an employment agency and meets an advisor (gamely played by Laure Calamy) dealing with the same menopause symptoms, who decides to help her.

A well-played image in the film is the automatic doors to institutions that refuse to open for Aurore, as if she were invisible. According to Jaoui, Aurore is mourning the losses that come with menopause but she doesn’t indulge in self-pity and instead discovers female solidarity and the idea of intersectionality. Solidarity is underlined as a theme when she goes to work as a cleaner at the house of elderly women who’ve created their own commune based on sisterhood.

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