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Profile and Style shoots with Audrey Kouzoumis, Manager of Jac + Jack Strand Arcade store, Sydney, 2018

Profile and Style shoots with Audrey Kouzoumis, Manager of Jac + Jack Strand Arade store, Sydney, 2018

Meet Audrey Kouzoumis, she is the reason I shop at the Jac and Jack store in The Strand Arcade. I know I bang on about this, but I feel it is important that brands take women of our demographic into account when they want us to buy their products. Audrey is not just a wonderful ambassador for Jac and Jack and wears their clothes so well … as you will see in the Style blog tomorrow … I trust her and she makes going into the store a true pleasure.

LG : How long have you been with Jac and Jack?

AK : I’d say its coming up 9 years in total and at the Strand Store 5 nearly 6 years.

LG : Why Jac and Jack

AK : I feel Jac and Jack aligns with my aesthetic. I love it. The look, the feel. I have to work with a product I love.

LG : What did you do before Jac and Jack?

AK : From the age 18, I owned and ran a hairdressing salon for 22 years. The travelling took a toll and I thought I didn’t want to do hair but maybe would like to have my hair done instead. I quickly changed my mind after being home for three months, as I was mainly a taxi driver for my children. I quickly tired of that. That was 17 years ago and then at 40 I thought what am I going to do now, I’m too old to do anything else! Believe it or not that’s what I thought at the time. Oh to be 40 again.

I was a customer at a children’s wear store in Paddington called Fragile. I walked in one day and saw a sign on the counter ” Casual wanted”. I applied, got the job and found I liked playing shop. I recognised retail as being very much like hairdressing, styling clothes instead of hair and what I loved most, I could still form great relationships with these customers.

LG : One of the reasons I wanted talk to you is that Jac and Jack is one of the few companies that employ women who are around my demographic. I think for a quality brand that’s very important. So is that something the girls are conscious of, do you think?

AK : I don’t think they were at the time, I think they would have given the role to whoever they felt competent and could relate to their customer. I just think they took me on face value and liked the way I worked. Their second store manager was my colleague and we both just happen to be a bit older.

I do think they saw we get it, we are reliable as our children are grown up and not as demanding. We are of a generation that takes the responsibility seriously, we stick with it and I think the girls realised that pretty quickly.

LG : The brand has a very dedicated clientele?

AK : Yes it certainly has. It has quite a following. Jac and Jack can be worn by all ages …. it depends on how you put it together. They have very dedicated, very loyal customers and I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy great relationships still these clients.

LG : Well yes that’s why we’re here, I’m one of them.

AK : The familiar face in store is important as clients like the continuity in dealing with the same person. I know I would be thrilled as a customer to be recognised when I walk into their store. I often astound customers from interstate or overseas, being remembered as previously shopping with us.


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  1. I too shop at Jac and Jack in The Strand because of Audrey. So stylish, helpful and a delight to engage with every time.

  2. I am a loyal Jac and Jack Strand client, I love the brand and am happy to say I count Audrey as a trusted friend as well as my in store advisor. I love the brand as it speaks to all ages, it’s in the way you make it part of your personal style. I am so happy that Audrey was featured, the picture says it all.

  3. I love Audrey she always looks great and love how helpful she is in styling me. Cant waut to see more.

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