Atomic Blonde – A film review

I went to see this yesterday … an action thriller, secondary travel gorge, through a gritty East Berlin. We are not talking Art or Arthouse here, just pure escapism.

It will not topple my all time favourites Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2, however Charlize Theron puts her four inch stilettos through their paces. Theron seems to be positioning herself as the go-to bad girl action hero with this hot on the heels or should I say – sensible work boots – of Fury Road.

The back story is that Theron was one of the producers of this film, which, for me, is one of the reasons to go and see it. A woman taking control in more ways than one needs your support.

Move over James Bond!

Oh and girls the wardrobe won’t disappoint!

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  1. Well said Lorrie. I adored this film despite its dumb ending of the Americans always win in the end. But so so so glamorous and the sound track! A grade escapist stilettoed fun.

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