Astier de Villatte, Paris


This tiny shop on Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, retains a somewhat mysterious veneer, filled with the brand’s signature white tableware, it remains more or less untouched since it was an eighteenth-century silversmith…. once visited by Napoleon himself.

The windows are sparsely adorned, but in a surreal fashion – you’re not sure what might be inside.

The forces behind it, Ivan Pericoli and Benoit Astier de Villatte , made a short film (see link below) providing a peak into its world – their factory in Paris ; their thoughts on the elemental in their work; and their particular joy of creating nostalgia for history …. for traditions and craftsmanship is an evident tie that binds much of their aesthetic, and the people who they have chosen to work with over the years…

”We are inspired by things forgotten”, Ivan says, “things that aren’t very well considered”



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