Art for the Wilderness – Auction this weekend!

Art for the Wilderness is the brainchild of Emma Schofield and Rachel Knepfer. They have called on friends and family - In the image above they carry a work by Andrew Cowen , Botany Bay Series #10 - and they have responded in spectacular fashion .... Hit the link below to go to the their website where you can see the art and bid on the auction. This is an event not to be missed!

An exhibition and auction.

For and about nature.

Open for Viewing: 30th August — 1st September 2019. 10am — 5pm

Live auction & drinks: September 1st, 5pm — 8pm

Queen Street Galleries, Level 1, 40 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW, 2025, Australia

This from Rachel and Emma .....

Never before has the planet so urgently needed us to act. What can we do, as individuals, to preserve the natural world for our own children & future generations? Rachel Knepfer and Emma Schofield asked themselves how they could use their knowledge, skills and experience to make a difference. Inspired by the dedication, hard work & unparalleled expertise of the Wilderness Society, they struck on the idea of a large-scale contemporary art exhibition, with an auction to directly benefit the environment through this trusted organisation.

In turn, the Wilderness Society is thrilled to collaborate with the art world.


Emma and Rachel looked first to family and friends. Anne Schofield offered her elegant upstairs gallery in Woollahra. Sam Christie guides the catering, while art critic and good friend Hannah Fink lends expertise, and Andrew Shapiro, auctioneer extraordinaire, presides over the live auction. And every day, an ever-widening circle of friends is asking how they can contribute.

Art for the Wilderness will bring together an array of work by Australia’s most beloved and respected artists, in a beautiful space, for 3 days from 30th August, all to be auctioned at 5pm on the auspicious date of September 1st: the first day of Spring.

100% of proceeds will go directly to support the vital work of the Wilderness Society in protecting our unique places and wildlife threatened with extinction. They are a powerful voice calling for new nature laws that will protect, restore and sustain the environment for generations to come. Every sale will be supporting the living world that supports us all.


Tony Amos, Sam Armstrong, Walter Barda, Max Berry, Lisa Black, Kitty Callaghan, Tom Carment, Julia Champtaloup, Julia Charles, Alison Coates, Bruno Cowen, Michael Corridore, Lottie Consalvo, Andrew Cowen, Toe Crouch, Elisabeth Cummings, Sophie Cunningham, Henry Curchod, Matteo Dal Vera & Michael Weatherill, Jacqui Dean, Marina DeBris, Tracey Deep, Rox Deluca, Charles Dennington, Chris de Rosa, Adrienne Doig, Ed Douglas, Pippin Drysdale, Sarah Ducker, John Feely, Cutler Footway, Heath Franco, Adrienne Gaha, Emma Goodsir, Bruce Goold, Donna Green, Julie Green, Derek Henderson, Jan Howlin, Theresa Hunt, Glendyn Ivin, Theresa Jackson, Annelies Jahn, Leila Jeffreys, Anna Johnson, Annita Keating, Ingvar Kenne, Peter Kingston, Janet Laurence, Elise Lockwood, Tim Maguire, Matthew Martin, Sally McInerney, David McKay, Noel McKenna, Paul McNeil, Danie Mellor, Nigel Milsom, Reg Mombassa, David Moore, Robert Moore, Rosella Namok, Peter O’Doherty, Susan O’Doherty, Stephen Ormandy, Raquel Ormella, Amanda Penrose Hart, George Raftopoulos, Ollie Ritchie, Victoria Roberts, Jason Rogers, Joan Ross, Liane Rossler, Craig Ruddy, Zoë Sadokierski, Luke Sciberras, Michaela Skovranova, Andrew Southam, Lisa Stack, Hopi Steiner, Raymond Steiner, Hugh Stewart, Maya Stocks, Ann Thomson, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, David Art Wales, Emma Walker, Judy Watson, Kati Watson, Gerry Wedd, John Witzig, Zoe Young, Gulumbu Yunupingu

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  1. What great leadership from some great women and artists. For a very real and increasingly urgent cause. Hope it all goes well. And bravo to everyone involved.

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