Arrival into Havana, Cuba

Anon said ” hey this is pretty good, they said the arrival process could take at least an hour and we could be out of here in half. We were standing at the baggage Carousel in Havana’s Airport. I was beside myself with excitement and could already feel the electricity and energy of the place. But we were going nowhere.

I should have expected this. We had flown from New York via Charlotte – where all communication was through the iPad, I do not exaggerate – maybe the place was owned by Apple, but it was unsettling. We Overnighted at an airport hotel in Mexico city and in the morning joined queues with people who appeared to be moving house by plane.

The carousel was spitting out 2 bags every half hour. First lesson in Cuba….patience… have Mojito …a chat…..another Mojito

Two and half hours later we had our bags…..but then we had to queue to exchange money…don’t even imagine you’ll be able to do that in town…suck it up and breath.

What you will have, while waiting, is the kaleidoscope of life that is Cuba to watch and soak up.

There they are…….. the cars, some in better condition than others more diesel in than out but they are everywhere….these are shots from our taxi on the way to our hotel…so first impressions, important…….don’t you think.

Stick with me it gets so much better…

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  1. Wonderful images of Cuba, thanks Lorrie. Brings back happy memories of that unique place. I just hope the locals who have been through so much will not get trampled by their American cousins as Capitalism sees an opportunity. How can we teach them to see what they have which cannot – must not – be degraded in the scramble to make money?

  2. Lorrie, these photographs are other worldly. So glad you seized the opportunity to capture the magic of Cuba while it still exists.

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  3. It was indeed an extraordinary arrival …… there is NOTHING available or things to do while waiting for the baggage. A broken drinks machine. A hard tiled floor. We stayed at the (very tedious) Hilton Hotel at Mexico City Airport so we were readily accessible for (compulsory) check in at 4.30am …. for a 6.30am flight. Our check in took exactly 15 minutes, the plane boarded late, so we had already been up for almost 3 hours before taking off.

    So the 2.5 hours on arrival was really the icing on the cake. But as Lorrie says, suck it up ….. we could already feel the energy of Cuba …… and a lot of excitement to come ……… this was to be one of the best two weeks of travel we have ever had …….

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