Anon – happy anniversary baby…..25 years!!!!

Intoducing Anon
Intoducing Anon

Anon in perfect bliss ….


Anon is my rock. When a partnership works the parties involved are better together than apart. That is us. We are different, to be sure …..

There is no task that Anon will not doggedly ….. some would say stubbornly …. see through to the bitter end. He reads instructions, drilling down to the most intricate detail. He is numerate in a very impressive way, has a big soft heart, cries easily without embarrassment, loves the smell of chlorine in the morning, would love a dog but owns a cat. He is happiest in a pool with an icy beer and a good book.

This sums us up………Laurie Anderson talking of her partnership with Lou Reed.

“Like many couples, we each constructed ways to be – strategies, and sometimes compromises, that would enable us to be part of a pair. Sometimes we lost a bit more than we were able to give, or gave up way too much, or felt abandoned. Sometimes we got really angry.

But even when I was mad, I was never bored. We learned to forgive each other. And somehow, for 23 years, tangled our minds and hearts together.”

So when there is mention of Anon in this blog it is with the greatest love and respect.

I wrote this last year …. since then we have travelled a few more miles together, had the odd heated word about directions and ended up in a bar to toast the day…as we will today.


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  1. Lorrie calls me her rock. OK, but with huge exclusions of personal traits she is being generous about. I call her (as many many others do) my inspiration and love, and there are absolutely no exclusions to that …. well, perhaps the sense of direction …..

    Thank you love, and thanks everyone for the wonderful thoughts ….

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