Anne Summers – Unfettered and very much Alive

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I went to the “In conversation with Anne Summers event” at my local book shop – Better Read than Dead – on Wednesday night. Anne was interviewed about her latest book Unfettered and Alive by the journalist Deborah Snow …. standing room only. I was delighted that the fee to the event and 10% of the book sales went to our local Community Centre, it sort of set the tone for the evening.

I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but from the questions Deb asked, it sounds like Anne has been incredibly honest and brave with the latest account of her life or life so far. I’m particularly looking forward to reading about the Canberra years when Anne and “Cobber” Michelle Gratten (and one other woman) were the only gals in town.

I took the image below of Anne in the 80’s around the Canberra years, I would have loved to have had a chat with her about the differences we, as women, felt about our appearance and the need to be as invisible as possible in our workplaces in those years….. the Anne of today is so much more glamorous …

Anne Summers, Journalist. Sydney circa 1980.

This is what Annabel Crabb has to say about the book….

” Its the story of a lot of things – Australian politics, feminism, journalism international intrigue – but most of all its the story of an utterly singular woman, who always says ” Yes ” to life even when it scares her. Her memory for the events, and her frankness about the fear make this an extraordinary memoir”

That should be reason enough to give this book to all the younger women in your life…Say yes, be fearless … unfettered and alive!


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