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We have been coming to Ananda Cottages in Ubud since 1995. Slow adopters to Bali, we had never found the southern beach areas of Bali very inviting. Friends convinced us that Ubud was different and Ananda was charming and low key, and it is.

Balinese owned and run by The Paglia family, Mr. and Mrs. And their three children, Dewi- a doctor, Jani who manages the spa, and their brother who are very much hands on in running the place. On our first visit the thatched roofed bungalows were open to the elements and the local fauna, when the generator went off at 9pm the only light was small kerosene lamps. We loved it. Over the years the bungalows have been up-graded and increased in number, most have air-con and the interiors have become a little more sophisticated but the low key charm of the place is intact.

Ananda is a stroll down the hill to Ubud central and a challenging walk back, the restaurant serves a simple no frills menu, food would not be the high point of Ananda, however, it is across the road from one of our favourite restaurants “Indus” (this will have its own blog) and many restaurants up and down the road before you have to even think about heading into Ubud.

There are three pools, surrounded by the most beautiful gardens planted and curated by Mrs. Paglia, two yoga pavilions, a spa-run by Jani about a kilometre up the road. The staff age along with us, and are either members of the extended Paglia family or from the same village : familiar and welcoming faces each time we visit.

There is one quirk to overcome at Ananda – the drivers – Mr. Paglia started life as a driver and has a soft spot and a possible relation or two who sit in front of Ananda hungry for business. To overcome the constant harassment, decide on a driver day one, if you have no need for a driver be firm and they will get the message.

We have our favourite rooms, in the main complex rooms 29 and 30, overlook the rice fields at the bottom of the property and have a balcony adjoining the rooms if you are more than a party of one. On our most recent visit we stayed in the Annex just a short walk from the main complex and in room Villa A (villa in name only) that also has an adjoining balcony to Villa B. Our last trip was in February – low season –  so we had the entire annex, gardens and pool to ourselves. Next trip this will be the room we book.




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