Exhibition of Music Photography – Wendy Mc Dougall

Wendy McDougall has been photographing musicians - local and international - for 40 years. She sold her first image in 1979 ( The Angels). Wendy said about deciding to become a music photographer " If Annie Leibovitz ... she's a girl ... she can do it, I felt like she gave me permission". For those of you too young to remember, Leibovitz started her photographic career shooting musicians and bands for Rolling Stone.

In 2018 Wendy was the recipient of the inaugural 2018 AWMA ( Australian Women in Music Awards ) Music Photographer Award. She sees this as a small step toward the recognition of photographers who happen to be women and their work. What the award happily advanced was this wonderful exhibition. The award was sponsored by Canon and they in turn have staged this exhibition at SunStudios ( 42 Maddox Street Alexandria. Dates 4- 18 April and then it moves to Melbourne 9-24 May SunStudios 95 Buckhurst Street South Melbourne)

Hopefully a book can not be too far off.

Wendy is one of a very small core group of photographers, Tony Mott and Bob King amongst them, who have made it their lives work to make striking pictures of iconic Australian music acts. Wendy has photographed bands including The Angels, Cold Chisel, The Divinyls, INXS, Crowded House, Paul Kelly, Richard Clapton .... the list goes on. She moved from shooting live acts to collaborating with bands and musicians on the Art for their Albums and then CD covers.

She said the pure joy of the exhibition is being able to share and reminisce ..... the work, she generously says, was created by all involved. In Australia there are bands that sit at the top but it is the whole industry that makes it special and relevant.

This is the delight and strength of this wonderful exhibition. Go see the show and buy a little piece of Australian Music History.


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  1. Hi wendy
    I am sitting here with david adams. I was married to his sister. He told me of your new book and would like to get one.
    Can you send me details ?

    Kind regards
    Iain mackinnon

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