Among Older Women, Anger is Trending, #MeToo

They’re Mad as Hell …Among older women, anger is trending. In the time of #MeToo, their indignation is long overdue.

Toni Tunney had been at her job at a small employment agency for no more than a week, cold-calling prospective clients, when, as she tells it, her boss sidled up, demanding, in the argot of the day, that she put out or get out.

Ms. Tunney, a retired clinical psychologist in her 70s, was 23 at the time, and panicky. “We were in a recession,” she recalled. “Jobs were hard to come by. In those days I had to scramble to buy groceries.” No matter. She left.

“Stuff like that stays with you,” she said. “Even today it scares me to think of it.” As for her boss: “I’ll never forget him,” she said.

Then, in an burst of long suppressed rage, she named him.

The questions remains: What took her so long?

“At a certain age — psychologically, biogenetically, I don’t know — you get to the place when a switch flips,” Ms. Tunney said. “You tell yourself, ‘I’m done.’”

Amen to that, her peers would say. She is, after all, but one in a chorus of like-minded contemporaries, many of them well-educated, outspoken professionals in their 60s, 70s and beyond, who are only now uncorking long-bottled-up grievances, their ire having reached a tipping point.

Some, it would seem, have taken a page from E. Jean Carroll, who — was it just a month ago?— published “What Do We Need Men For?,” a chronicle of abuses she suffered at the hands of predators, including Donald Trump, who, as she writes, assaulted her in the lingerie department of Bergdorf Goodman. (She prefers not to use the word “rape.”)

Ms. Carroll waited more than two decades to tell the tale. Was there something self-serving or opportunistic in her late-life disclosure? Well, no. “I am a member of the Silent Generation,” she writes. “We do not flap our gums. We laugh it off and get on with life.”

Many readers will relate, their fuses lit by a catalog of past and current ills: mingy salaries, thwarted ambitions, waning sex lives and — gasp! — impending mortality.

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