Amah Restaurant – Malaysian – Chatty or Chatswood

We have ventured over the bridge to Chatty or Chatswood to those of us from the other side of the harbour.

This will be a three parter because day one we barely managed to get out of the Interchange ... there are so many places to explore.

This post is a stand alone because "Amah" is in a class of it's own. As always head over to Tina on izzyhaveyoueaten for the low down on the food, and this food she knows intimately.

Amah is a joint venture between former Mr Wong head chef Hun Loong and Ho Jiak's Chef Junda Khoo. Amah pays homage to Loong's late grandmother, evoking her traditional east coast Malaysian cooking with food that smells, looks and tastes good.

I will venture only to say the Spanish mackerel fish ball soup, a bowl of clear flounder stock afloat with hand-rolled fish balls that actually taste of fish, rather than being vaguely reminiscent of it is a balm that I could live on.

Oh then there is the unexpected thrill of a rumble when a train speeds through the interchange.

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