All Purpose Bakery with Alison Chamberlain

What do you do with the person who bakes the best cakes and is truly the desert queen of our Ottolenghi dinner group. Take her to a bakery and feed her cake.

I took Alison Chamberlain to the All Purpose Bakery PARAMOUNT HOUSE ROOFTOP, 80 Commonwealth Street Surry Hills for her birthday and we ate cake!

Open :

It started a couple of months ago, a queue longer than the one for Darling Mills greens started gathering at a new stall at Carriageworks Farmers Market.

Another Instagram wave of enthusiasm we thought ... I only queue for greens so we watched from afar, amused.

Visiting the rooftop bakery was a lot more fun. This is my old stomping ground my old studio/home The Silkknit Building is around the corner ... but my, the neighbourhood has chi chi 'd itself.

A P Bakery use old-world wheat varietals grown using sustainable agricultural practices. These are milled daily using the bakery’s in-house American stone mill. The result is a mix of daily fresh baked bread ranging from baguettes and tartine country loaves to toasted sesame and burnt fenugreek loaf and Jerusalem bagels.

I would seriously recommend the garlic focaccia.

We liked our cakes, despite their look they weren't too sweet very light with a fresh fruit filling.

Happy Birthday Al XX

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  1. Thank you Lorrie, it was a perfect birthday treat. So recommend a visit anytime, cakes and pastries were delicious. xx

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