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This is a Style shoot I did with Alison Chamberlain of Original Finish from back in 2014. As you will be well aware by now Original Finish are recalibrating their business and selling the sensational Warehouse that has housed the workshop of their business. The date of the Auction is close this one of the few opportunities to check it out. Dates and Times below.

I met Alison in mid 2012 when we decided to update the interior of our home. She is the owner, with husband Stephen, of the  inspirational shop Original Finish. I was taken with her natural beauty and elegance…we got to talking and haven’t stopped.

Who are the designers you like, what sort of clothes appeal to you?  Where are the clothes in the shots (we took) from?

Yoshi Jones, Lisa Stack and cashmere jumpers I buy online from overseas. Natural fabrics, fabrics that fall and stuff that washes well. Shapely tailored clothes. Clothes that fit and shoes that are comfortable.

I’m on my feet a lot so like to feel I can walk all day. I buy shoes at Peter Sheppard.

Do you have any style Icons?

I’m inspired by all sorts of people  – often it’s somebody on the street – just comfortable and relaxed with what they wear and a look that seems to be both engaged and confident.

Hard to describe the detail because it isn’t a colour scheme or particular period.

It’s an acknowledgement that clothes are wonderful but they seem to work best when they’re in a supporting role to the personality and intellect.

How do you feel about getting older?

Much more relaxed than I thought I would. I feel very comfortable in knowing what I like to wear and what I think looks good on me.

Would prefer a bit more time to go shopping but it’s a little thing and a nature day outside always takes precedence.

Do any Magazines or Ad campaigns talk to your generation?

A few years ago I saw an ad for clothes and the model was a woman with long grey hair and she looked fabulous.

I love seeing Indian women politicians – they seem to wear their long grey hair as a symbol of experience and wisdom.

And the older women presenting news, often on American channels, seem much more comfortable with showing their age.  In Australian Lee Lin Chin seems to be only one and I am inspired by the how much fun she seems to have with fashion.

How do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation?

Our generation’s approach to fashion is so much more individualized than they were able to be, clothes are so much cheaper, more varied and more plentiful.  And you don’t have to be bound by convention so people of my age can wear what suits them – a vertical integration of styles rather than a look that goes with an age.

What are the most important things in your life as you get older?

I remember a couple of years ago thinking that not only was getting older not a worry but it was actually quite good, in fact liberating.  Many things have been achieved, not necessarily globally worthy but I think I don’t have to worry about a whole lot of 20’s, 30’s and 40’s stuff and the 50’s and 60’s – I’m not sure what those worries will be.  Health I guess?

I don’t particularly feel I am in a race against time to visit or complete a list – I come from a family of long-livers – my grandmother lived to 102 and my aunt’s 95th birthday is coming up soon. I always wanted a life that wasn’t divided between work and the rest of my life.

In my 20’s I had a three-year stint in an office where there was a clear division between a working life and a home life and I decided it wasn’t for me.

Stephen and I set up Original Finish 25 years ago and I like that although it’s been difficult it has been an all-encompassing life.  Occasionally we might spend too much time on one activity and need to do more of another – but I prefer not to divide it between work and not work/real life.


Buyers guide $3,300,000
Auction time

Saturday 13 October
9:00am On Site

Inspection times
Thursday 4 October
12:30pm to 1:00pm

Saturday 6 October
9:15am to 9:45am

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