Alison after 3 months of Hydroskin

Alison Says …

“It feels very light and fresh on the skin, never ‘gluggy’. I found that it was better to let the serum dry a little before putting on the moisturiser otherwise it melded together to be a bit sticky. I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do, maybe the instructions could make that clear.

During the day my skin didn’t ever feel dry or tight which was nice. And family members noticed that my skin looked fresh.

Also I didn’t find the three step process onerous which I thought I might considering I normally use just a moisturiser.

And I would continue using it I think.”

I say …

I have loved using these products. I would agree with Alison, leave the serum to dry a little before putting on the moisturiser. My skin has felt hydrated and I think looks brighter.

I think the best yardstick – more than my own mirror – is the mirror of friends and family. The comments have been, how healthy I look, fresher, pumped … not in a trout mouth way, I might add.

To see the results you will need a bit of stamina, give it three months to see change.

I will definitely keep using the products, for the quality of product the price is incredibly reasonable.

To learn more about the product and the person behind it, go to Parish Stapleton on this blog.


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