Ali McGraw Ageless and strikingly beautiful at 84

Ali McGraw inspires in a spread in the latest "Porter Magazine"

At 84 Ali McGraw is ageless and a strikingly beautiful woman. In this spread of images in the latest “Porter” magazine she channels the style of artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

Here is a small extract from the mag ….

After leaving behind her life in Hollywood, McGraw focused her attention on feminism.

“I think the hope of the planet is women,” she shares with the magazine. “And there is room for all kinds of us. Fist-clenching rage-a-thons are not me, but I respect that – and those who choose hope and connection.”

All images : Pamela Hanson for “Porter ” magazine


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  1. Fantastic as these women are I find it disturbing that their most valuable attributes are that they are ‘ageless’ and ‘still’ strikingly beautiful. What a sad comment for someone of 78 years old to be remembered as. Do we say the same for a 78 year old man who has achieved as much in their lives??

    1. Post

      I take your point. However, I don’t think their most valuable attribute is their beauty but the way they make us recalibrate what beauty is at any age.

  2. Salma Hayek last week, now Ali McGraw…you are dishing up some of my favourite heartthrobs, Lorrie.

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