Agnes B – The Biography

I’ve written about Agnes a few times on this white T shirt of choice is an Agnes….I promise to do a post on that trés soon, I have an aspirational skirt – don’t we all – that is an Agnes. Kathy Bail told us last week that a lot of her wardrobe is Agnes. Now the Biography, just in time for my birthday….well thats some months off, but it will take a bit to get here, No.

This is from and article in the the Finacial Times…hit the link for more.

“David Bowie wore her leather trousers, she counts Patti Smith and David Lynch as friends, and at 75 she is the president of hip-hop centre La Place in Paris’ Les Halles. How cool is Agnès B? The French designer, real name Agnès Troublé, has been writing her own fashion rules for four decades, and now is the subject of a lovely cloth-bound biography, Agnès B: Styliste (£30, published by Abrams and created with journalist Florence Ben Sadoun).”


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