What is the Ageist and who is…… Yazemeenah Rossi ?

I read this interview on a site called the Ageist, it has interesting interviews with people who have good things to say about Age ……Yazemeenah Rossi is their latest interview.

Yazemeenah Rossi arrived to our interview breathless because of a sunset. “The light was so beautiful and so I just had to get these photographs on the beach,” she says.

A day later, she posted to Instagram a photograph of darkening cloud cover creeping in on a Malibu sunset. In short order, it racked up thousands of likes. Rossi, at 62, has become something unlikely at her age — an Instagram celebrity who inspires legions every day with photographs of landscapes, simple dishes, and artful, revealing selfies.

She’s done this without any sort of calculation or brand-building plan. She doesn’t use analytics tools to inform her posting schedule or content. There are no agents or social media editors posted up in her modest, rented Malibu apartment. There’s not even much furniture.


“I’m not owning anything, but I’m free,” she tells me. “It’s a question of what are the priorities in life. For me, it’s to have a nice view in a quiet place and not to have a mortgage. You have to know what is important to you in order to make your life pleasant.”

Paramount, of course, is creating things you find beautiful and then sharing them with the world. To meet Rossi is to get to know someone who is utterly comfortable in her own skin — and we’re not just talking about those revealing photographs on her Instagram feed. We’re talking about a woman whose childhood shuttling between a small French island and a town on the mainland created in her a certain resilience and adaptability.

Read the rest of the interview here


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