Ageing and the beauty Dilemma


This article from the New York Times addresses the elephant in the room issue for ….feminist, financially secure, possibly working women of a certain age now have. Yes a Very first world problem.

How far do you go….when it comes to beauty?

Love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have a line in the sand. Lotions, creams, diets, dyeing the hair but no procedures like injectables etc. Plus if you did go the Botox Filler route etc would you own up to it?

At our monthly lunch Chris and I discussed this very issue…how prescient of us. We are happy to look older, but healthy, we will do what we can – and I might add always have, despite age – for our skin, and exercise ditto. Oh and eyebrows!



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  1. It’s about affordability… I’d like to keep healthy, eat well, exercise, do what I can to be and look youthful, but all takes time and money. Preparing healthy food takes time. Eating organic costs more. Ditto hair, make up, clothes. I’m a freelancer / artist sorting priorities and time management affects disposable time and income! So I can only go as far as time and money allows!

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      I know what you mean, I used to think I was pretty low maintainence but the older you get the more you need to maintain. I’m pretty sure this was written by someone with a pretty high disposal income..Possibly not a Freelancer….But drinking enough water and walking eating more vegetables is a pretty good start..Lorrie

  2. My eyebrows haven’t been right since in my early teens I tweeted into a impossible thin line like twiggy -I wish Bushy eyebrows had been in fashion like Brooke Shields .I’ve been thinking about removing them totally

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