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Just to let you know that you can now buy the quarterly English language literary magazine “the Paris Review” at Aesop outlets.

Another couple of tips, though you may already know this if you get their newsletter.

Aesop have developed a wonderful resource called “The Fabulist” A literary gesture born of the enjoyment and intellectual nourishment Aesop derives daily through the written word,

The Fabulist features fiction and non-fiction works.

In honouring the ancient Greek slave and fabulist whose name our products bear we present fables alongside four other rubrics:

Fable : An original prickly parable, pseudoscience fairy-tale, or memoir of a formative moment.

Shelf Life : An annotated snapshot of a notable bookshelf, intended as a counterpoint to increasingly ubiquitous screen-based text.

Essential : In which we invite esteemed cultural figures to disclose a deeply held interest or obsession.

Free Radical : Interviews with iconoclasts, free-thinkers, and rebels-with-cause.

On Beauty : A forum for wide-ranging thoughts on this consistently provocative topic.

Then there is the “City Guides“, if travelling check them out sooooooo beyond Lonely Planet wonderful insider tips.

Aesop have a partnership with Olivia Finlayson (who has a site called The Loop).

About the project

I write Aesop city guides with particular relish. Extensive research of vibrant cities in which Aesop has a strong presence hardly feels like arduous work; rather, I delight in transporting myself through research to some of the world’s most exciting cities.

In addition to Seattle, I’ve written guides for Tokyo, Sydney, Canberra, Boston, as well as Berlin and Geneva (co-written with Aesop’s Senior Writer), and most recently, Seoul and Toronto. Guides for Oslo, Singapore, Chicago and Melbourne will soon join the list.

UPDATE 29 November 2017 : It looks like the Aesop City Guides links to their website are not working at the moment. Will chase up on this and update tis post.

In the meantime, it looks like some aspects of the City Guides may have been shifted to this Pinterest site

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a HUGE fan of Aesop with several blogs over the years. A new one coming up before Christmas 2017.

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