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Amlapura Markets tour with Penny Williams of Bali Asli Restaurant, East Bali

As Penny Williams mentioned in the interview on Wednesday one of her great loves is to share her love of East Bali with her guests. I joined the morning tour of Amlapura market with Penny and a couple of guests. There is nothing like local knowledge. Here are a few examples of the Adventures that Penny has developed ... keep an eye on her sight she is constantly adding news delights.

“Culinary Street Food Adventure of Amlapura”

Warung Eat dinner with the locals when you sample the delicacies from the street stalls and night markets in Amlapura town; a food enthusiast’s dream!
Start your evening adventure at Bali Asli before heading out for dinner. Enjoy a home-made cider and local snacks on our balcony as the sun sets behind Mount Agung. Then adventure down to visit the street vendors in the lively culinary scene of Amlapura, that is both diverse and confrontingly fascinating. Our adventure is carefully planned to give you an authentic taste of Eastern Balinese local street fare in a safe environment.

“Vespa tours in Karangasem province”

Relax and enjoy the ride as you sit on the back of your vintage Vespa motor scooter!
We will start the tour at the King’s Palace of Amlapura with your exclusive tour behind the scenes. Then we will ride through the streets of Karangasem to visit a black smith making the traditional blades used for ceremonial knives. In a village called Budakling a holy man will show you how he makes the gold gilded decorations for the high priests head dress while you sit and enjoy a Balinese morning tea. Your next stop is Tirtagangga, the Royal swimming gardens, wander around the pools of crystal clear water before entering the temple for a blessing by the local Mangku priest. After a leisurely cruise down to the coast to Taman Ujung water palace, where a Balinese picnic lunch will be served in the pavilion on the water.


“The holy hike of the East”

Temple Lempuyang temple, meaning the highest lantern, is one of the highest and sacred temples in Bali. It sits atop Belibis mountain 1,058 metres above sea level. It is a 2.5 hours hike to the temple at the top. This spiritual journey will wind through misty ancient pandan forests, vanilla vines, native orchids, along a combination of grassy paths lined with lemon grass and steep rocky tracks. Once you reach the summit you are rewarded with breath taking views over looking the east of Bali from Karangasem valley to the ocean and across to mighty Mount Agung, Bali’s famous volcano. After a traditional ginger and ginseng morning coffee and some jajan cakes, you will accompany your guide into the temple where the priest will bless you with holy water collected from the insides of the bamboo growing near the temple. Your descent will be via the 1700 steps and passing many other sacred temples and places of spiritual importance. When you reach the bottom you will be picked up and driven 15 minutes to Bali Asli for a well-earned megibung lunch, served in the style of the Royal family of Karangasem.

“Biking from the mountain to Tirtagangga Royal swimming pools”

Our Biking guide, Pak Mudi will drive you up into the small villages in the foot hills of Mount Agung where you will mount your mountain bikes and glide (mostly down hill) through rice fields, snake fruit forests, small towns all the way to Tirtagangga royal swimming gardens, where you can cool off in the crystal clear swimming pool fed by water flowing directly from the holy spring, then enjoy a “Bungkus” or picnic lunch in the gardens of Tirtagangga, cooked by our Chefs at Bali Asli.

New adventures and culinary experiences are happening all the time so if you don’t see what you would like to do then call or email us for the latest information

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