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Final Chris Lunch for the year. Because we are both heading OS in the next little while,but heading to different continents we decided to invite the lads.

Acre in Camperdown opened about 6 months ago…this what they say about themselves…..

“Our vision is to change the way people think about and consume food. We’re trying to do this by providing a sustainable and delicious plate of food that is a better alternative to the sugar-filled and salty processed foods we see in our supermarkets. While this is a lofty goal, we have a very practical approach.

We prioritise sustainable produce from our on-site partner, Pocket City Farms, with the balance sourced from a collection of small to medium sized farms located within the Sydney basin. Our proteins are sustainably sourced and are predominantly secondary cuts which are cooked slowly to release flavour. We try to use produce and protein off-cuts in our cooking to further reduce our footprint and our waste and to maximise yield. We do all this while proudly presenting the tastiest and most delicious food we can. This is a difficult balancing act but one we are determined to achieve and we devote an enormous amount of time and effort to do so.

We are striving for a “closed loop” operation in the way we operate our eatery through initiatives such as composting with Pocket City Farms, recycling and reducing our water use. Our staff are educated on the goals of sustainable growing and consumption of food and shortly, we will commence placements for our chefs which will see them working with Pocket City Farms on a volunteer basis.

We translate this practical approach through our educated staff naturally engaging with our customers and on your plate as you enjoy our fresh, flavoursome and sustainable ingredients. We believe that if we can deliver this experience in a genuine and heartfelt manner then we all might, albeit slowly start to think differently about our food. “


This is a lovely place for lunch. The service is warm and smooth. Chris and I shared a delightful Rosé the lads tried a local Camperdown beer called Wayward.

We shared various veg starters all delicious. Then Chris and I shared the Pork, that could have fed all four of us. Beef and Lamb on the other side of the table.

The place is reasonably priced and has another level of eating, with less fine dining if you are just looking for a quick delicious salad.


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  1. This was a great lunch …. atmosphere, food, and company. I would probably steer away from the lamb next time, it was a little fatty for my liking. But will definitely head back there.

    I think well worth a light meal outside. It is in wonderful surroundings, and looked terrific.

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