Absent Friends by Ro Cook – Incinerator Art Space

Exhibition by Ro Cook "Absent Friends", The Incinerator Gallery, Willoughby

This is a very beautiful and moving show, Absent friends, its an exhibition of textile artworks Honouring Death and Friendship. You’ll have to cross the bridge – its not hard or complicated – the venue the Incinerator Art Space is welcoming with a lovely Cafe on top.

Ro and I are related, its a long thin string type of related. We met when we were both in relationships with the Cook boys. Our friendship was cemented, one night, at an opening at the Seymour Centre when an idiot said oh here come the Cook wives. To know us is to know we didn’t take kindly to the definition.

Ro is a Designer and Visual Artist. She has worked as a Production designer in Film and Television. She has always loved textiles and printing and has researched ceremonial textiles within Asia and Pacific Regions. In her Artist statement she explains ” Absent Friends is an exhibition of textile works using traditional contemporary hand techniques in a variety of mediums. Each is deeply personal”

The Show opens tonight and runs for two weeks 

Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small Street, Willoughby



Adelel Horin – Journalist

Adele’s piece is all about the line. Her piece is heavily stitched with rows and columns of stitched black lines, rather like type on a page. The lines and the print also refer to the way her writing made sense of chaos, and the unravelling and unpicking in the piece is a tribute to her work as an investigative journalist.

The exhibition has this wonderful little book that tells the story of the people remembered in the artwork.

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