About good health post-menopause – Susan Saunders

The book is about post-menopausal health, looking at how that great midlife ageing transition is about so much more than losing our monthly periods. Our reproductive hormones play a huge role in protecting our health: keeping bones strong, hearts healthy and brains buzzing. We have oestrogen receptors throughout our bodies and brains. It supports bone growth, promoting the activity of osteoblasts, the cells which make new bone. It protects the heart, particularly the inner layer of the artery wall, where it helps keep blood vessels flexible. It also reduces our risk of obesity by regulating metabolism and fat stores. 
Oestrogen has a vital impact on both our cognitive, and mental, health. Cerebral blood flow and neuronal activity are increased by oestrogen, protecting our brains and stimulating the production of new neurons. It also acts on the parts of the brain that control emotion, stimulating the production of serotonin and endorphins, the ‘feelgood’ chemicals in the brain. 
My Number 1 learning from writing the book is not some fancy nutrition hack, new workout routine or mystic meditation. It’s that once we lose the protective powers of reproductive hormones, it’s up to us to look after ourselves. We need to prioritise our health, carving out both the motivation and the time to do that. We need to drill down into what stands in our way if protecting our health is hard. The changes we need to make are often very simple, it’s making them happen day to day that’s difficult. 
Pick one action from this list to focus on:
Nutrition: get more vegetables on your plate
Exercise: lift something 
Sleep: no screens an hour before bed tonight
Stress: get outside and walk
Brain stimulation: read a few pages of a book
Detox: reduce plastic usage in your kitchen


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