A wild walk from The Spit to Manly

Our dear friends Alison and Stephen of http://www.originalfinish.com.au/ have been doing bush walks on their day off, I joined them for the stunning walk from The Spit to Manly, around 14 kilometers.

We walked on Sunday, and I’m happy to report the track was busy.

We love to walk all over cities when we travel, so why not in our own city.

Sydney is so beautiful, with its small isolated beaches along meandering dirt tracks, wild natural bush, flannel flowers, hidden shacks and of course the harbour …. bliss.

We travelled by Train, Bus and finally ferry and the total of our day’s expences $2.50.

We stopped for a well earned break on one of the small beaches for a picnic of salad rolls, home baked Rock cakes and coffee and saunted into Manly in time to catch the 3pm ferry back to town.

Alison and Stephen have been using this very helpful site


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  1. Lorrie thanks for this very timely blog ..
    I have commenced a four month break from work and spending the first month relatively close to home (practicing isolation and no technology .. Eeek!!) … I made a list of walks yesterday and will add this to my list ..
    Looking forward to seeing you and Graham in NYC X

  2. Point well made ….. we walk endlessly through foreign cities and fall in love with the beauty of the architecture, the gardens and landscapes, the awakings of the city and the smells of bread baking and coffee brewing …… but all too rarely do exactly that in our home city.

    Look forward to joining you on the next adventure.

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