A virtual tour of New York City … memories

Government announced it will not open our borders until 2022 so I'm taking you on a virtual tour of New York City, a place I love and will return to WHEN we are allowed out, a place I know so many of you miss terribly. These images are from my last trip there, with Slim on our way to Cuba.

These words from the enduringly inspired site Brain Pickings...about New York City

It is where Kahlil Gibran journeyed to find his voice as a poet, painter, and philosopher, trading his native Lebanon for this strange and wondrous city where one is bound to “gaze with a thousand eyes and listen with a thousand ears all through the day,” the place that a generation later staggered Italo Calvino as “the land of the richness of life, of the fullness of every hour in the day,” the place in which another generation later Zadie Smith located the testing ground of the American dream.

In the generations since the term was coined, for those of us coming from other countries and cultures, with identities that are in any way other, escaping dictatorships or poverty or violent homes, or simply leaving behind lives too small for our dreams, beginning a new life in New York City has remained a wager of the biggest existential apple.

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