A Small Business with Deep Roots – Rococo Framing

Images of Rococo Framing, Enmore, March 2018

Nick Kalogeropoulos had no english when he migrated to Australia in 1976, he had trained as a Computer Programer in his native Greece, but without english he had to fall back on his first love, framing.

I was introduced to Rococo Framing, Nick’s – small business with deep roots – by my neighbour Phillip Richie. Phillip is a Graphic Designer with a very exacting eye. He said there is no better framer than Nick. Its true.

Rococo Framing has been in the same place for the past 40 years, 68 Enmore Road, Newtown. He used to make all of the picture frames by hand on site.

Nick’s customers drive long distances for his beautiful quality work and his honesty. ” I would probably earn more money renting the shop out but I enjoy meeting the people, the customers”

He has no intention of retiring, because as he told me nodding to the Funeral home across the road, “that is the next step.”

” Its important to be part of a community”. “You know there are other framers in Newtown who all say if you have a difficult job …. send it to Nick, its great, because they respect me.”

Rococo Framing 68 Enmore Road, Newtown.

Ph 9516 4740

Opens at 10am

This is part of a new series of posts about Enmore Road, Newtown.
Definitely the one of the more interesting destinations in the Inner West.

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  1. Fantastic, how great to have such a wonderful local framer, thanks Lorrie – It is Nick and what he does that makes our neighbourhood so special! Also good timing as mum and I have pictures needing framing…

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